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Townshend says that "Roger swaggered up in his Teddy Boy outfit, his hair combed into a grand quiff, trousers so tight they had zips in the seams" (p. Daltrey took a job as a sheet-metal worker, and had the repute of being very capable with his fists.

"Even a nasty drunk knew better than to provoke him" (p. In 1964, The Detours changed their name to The Who.

An issue for critics has always been that of distinguishing inspiration and meaning from the routine lyrics of desire and indulgence. Townshend proved innovative, devising means of increasing his guitar sound. The Who were in sufficient demand to support The Beatles, whose "audience was almost entirely young girls who seemed lost in their own fantasy world while the music played" (p. I did myself attend a Beatles concert in 1964, during which it was almost impossible to hear what was being sung, the music being drowned by incessant female screams verging on hysteria.

He preferred "powerful, slab chords" and acquired an amplifier system which "was so loud it shook most of the small halls in which we performed" (p. The Who went in the opposite direction, so that a few years later, the front row spectators might reel back in pain at the sheer volume of sound devised by maestro Peter Townshend.

Critics say that the identity factor (who I am) should be able to disarm long-standing negative reflections. Some reviewers have listed shocking statements, including Townshend's remark that Mick Jagger was the only man he had "ever seriously wanted" a sexual relationship with (, p. Critics say that the entertainment factor is being calculated via such references.

In what follows below, I will avoid many of the entertainments (including four letter words that offend some readers).

His sense of affiliation with Meher Baba has sometimes aroused scepticism and incredulity, but is acknowledged in the present article.

A Townshend definition could be helpful: "Mods were into fashion, R & B [rhythm and blues], motor scooters and showing off the latest dance moves, where Rockers tended towards machismo, exemplified by Marlon Brando's motorcycle gang leader in " (p. The vogue for rhythm and blues was believed to be liberating.

The accompanying resort to marijuana (cannabis) assisted bohemian recklessness.

Three members of The Who resorted to pep pills during a visit to Sweden and Denmark in 1965.

This Mod extravagance caused "constant, mindless chattering" on the part of Townshend, drummer Keith Moon (1946-1978), and bass guitarist John Entwistle.

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