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Fresh Artists amplifies the voice of children by promoting their access to the transformative process of art making, validating their talent and providing opportunities to express their selfless concern for the well being of others.Because of the talent and generosity of more than 1,700 K-12 children in low-income schools, we estimate 330,000 children are benefiting from fresh art supplies and engaging art programs, but there is still much work to be done.Written by Dr Amanda Ravetz and Dr Lucy Wright of Manchester School of Art, the research is a response to our questions and through a series of semi-structured interviews captures the opinions and experiences of producers, commissioners and artists all operating outside of galleries.The report substantiates feelings that many artists will be familiar with: exclusion, rejection, misrepresentation [galleries use the wrong language], sidelining and being unrecognised, all for producing ‘the wrong kind of work’.Art forgery can be extremely lucrative, but modern dating and analysis techniques have made the identification of forged artwork much simpler.the contemporary buyers knew that they were not genuine.Ultimately, we aim to connect and engage with a broader public to reinforce the value of art and artists within society.An online presence for the campaign planned in the coming months will include opportunities for engagement, however in the meantime if you have any ideas or feedback you want to share please do get in touch.

As a payment for the training, the master would then sell these works.This practice was generally considered a tribute, not forgery, although some of these copies have later erroneously been attributed to the master.Following the Renaissance, the increasing prosperity of the middle class created a fierce demand for art. ’ The range of answers I get to this question is staggering. Are you the type that looks at a work of art an says, “That doesn’t look like a person”? We will find merit in different places because we are different people. An Emotionalist looks for the message the artwork conveys, evaluates how the artist has communicated this message, and proceeds to evaluate the artwork’s success on this notion. - Do you find the realistic qualities of a work of art to be the most interesting?

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