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An as on so many other fronts on the Net, the adult sites are leading the way.The personality of its eccentric and restless founder is what sets Voyeurweb apart from the many thousands of world-weary adult sites out there.Looking for pictures of nude soccer moms, accountants and students?Try Voyeurweb, the self-billed "highest frequented amateur photo site on Planet Earth." The site is a popular destination for the Web's ordinary folk -- if ordinary includes wanting to post pictures of oneself totally nude or engaged in explicit sex.But some Internet sites are bucking Stringer's sticky theorem by tapping a new and limitless source of free content: Ordinary Web users like you and me.Call it "user-generated content," "consumer created content" (Jupiter Research's term) or simply "interactive content," the approach offers more than just a solution to the "content problem." Guided by a distinctive editorial "voice," user-generated content can also be a powerful method for building strong communities of virile viral marketers.A visitor to any of these sites -- adult or not -- has to dig to find the good stuff.

"We contribute because we like photography and we are very proud of our photos," writes one contributor." User-generated content on the Internet is nothing new.The early Web was largely built on the backs of user-generated content in the form of amateur Web sites of the "Uncle Art's Fly Fishing Homepage" variety."Why would I submit my clips and captures to a copycat site and miss out on the chance of having Igor make his comments on them?" Submitting "contris" to a site like Voyeurweb -- or any Web site -- requires a small act of courage.

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