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Apparently the other magazine ads — the ones seeking playmates to strip, torture and fuck — are okay with his Christian god, but hobnobbing with the competition deities is a major no-no — anathema! I'd make it even more outrageous this time, and more specific. Please include height, weight, measurements and a recent photo.

Must be slender and well proportioned, but with enough breast, leg and rump meat to serve a party of six or more. To be honest, the inspiration for all this was a story I'd run across on the internet.

Furthermore, some of my overnight guests will probably appreciate a little background info. I never expected to receive a serious response to either of the ads.

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I answered her inquiry cautiously and saved all subsequent correspondence to cover myself, just in case it was someone looking to set a trap. I am twenty-four years old, 5' 6', 125 lbs, 36C-24-36 and am attaching a photo that was taken of me by a boyfriend last summer at a private beach. Here is what I envision: a barbecue in which you are presented to a select group of guests for intimate examination, then slaughtered and cooked in a manner reflecting the highest standards of the culinary arts.The following is a series of excerpts taken from a computer in the office of the Byron L.Thomas estate and introduced into evidence at the so-called "Knobscot Cannibals" trial.At best, I expected to hear from some perverted cranks, or maybe a couple of practical joker types pretending to be females.I figured I'd have a little sadistic fun with them.

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