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Sneaky Kitty figures that if she has to wear high heeled shoes all day long, she should get some fun out of them too.

Sneaky Kitty takes those high heels, and delights in foot popping each and every balloon with her heels.

Alexxia shot this years ago, as a custom video for a member.

In it, this Balloon Bounce favourite sit pops OVER 60 small balloons.

The balloon grows bigger and bigger, the neck bulging; and suddenly it BURSTS.

Sneaky Kitty lets out a scream of delight, then quickly gets back to work, pretending to be oblivious to what just happened in the middle of her very quiet office.

She just can’t seem to get enough of them pressed against her body. This clip is available for immediate download at Balloon Video Clips!

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Eventually, someone comes along and Sneaky Kitty is forced to react quickly so that she doesn’t get caught.If her boss and co-workers only knew what Sneaky Kitty gets up to when they are not around 😉 Sneaky Kitty loves to bounce on balloons.While she’s at the office, she discretely places a soft balloon on her office chair and bounces on it when nobody is around.Enjoy this scene at Balloon Old footage dug up from our archives!We posted these photos on Balloon Bounce years ago, and maybe a couple of short clips, but for the first time ever, here is the entire movie.

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