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This was not an ideal method of storage as tin would rust and the hand made boxes and barrels leaked and were damaged easily. Manufacturers were anxious to find another method, but didn’t consider the cloth bags of homespun linen (which was then considered a junk fabric) used by the farmer to store goods for use in the home because the hand sewn seams wouldn’t hold up in heavy use.This changed in 1846 with the invention of the "stitching machine," which made it possible to sew double locking seams strong enough to hold the contents of a bag.

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Feedsacks (or feedbags) were initially printed on plain white cloth and in sizes that corresponded to barrel sizes.This Site is provided by the BSA Bantam Club and, apart from a Club Members Section, is open to all.If you have a Bantam or simply have an interest in the classic BSA Bantam marque please feel free to browse the Site and Forum.Some sacks were printed as a series such as the 1935 Sea Island sugar doll series. Some of the more collectible sacks now are those with Walt Disney themes (Davy Crockett, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy), movie themes (Gone with the wind, above), Comic book themes (Buck Rogers) or nursery rhyme themes (Bo Peep, Humpty Dumpty) By1941 there were 31 textile mills that manufactured bag goods.Bemis Brothers (TN), Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills and Cottons Mills of Atlanta had their own textile mills.

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