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Did Will Forte create The Last Man on Earth, in which he plays humanity’s worst living representative, because he is in fact the best dude on the planet?

Talking to his friends and spending a couple of hours eating breakfast burritos and strolling around Venice Beach with him for a New York Magazine feature certainly gave this reporter that impression.

He [put] one in a little teeny box and one in a giant box,” so every time his dad thought he was getting something different, he got another bathrobe. When I spoke to him on the phone from the Santa Fe set of The Ridiculous Six, she was visiting him, too.

Forte confirms it: “Never tell me there’s something you don’t want for Christmas, because that means for sure you’re getting that, and not just that but a bunch of them, probably.” 13. The hardware store in Last Man carries Patti’s maiden name, Stivers.

“So he’s watching this bill flutter down to the sidewalk, and as his head is down there, he sees, very quickly, a meal surpassing that bill, and I think his dinner hit the ground before my bill did. He started off doing comedy as graphic art, making a comic book called 101 Things to Definitely Not Do If You Want to Get a Chick, about being an inept man.

More stray observations and stories emerged than could fit in the printed piece, so in honor of Last Man’s finale last night, please enjoy the many things one learns about Will Forte from spending time with him (and talking to a bunch of people he knows), including just how nice he is, what happened when he stuck his hand in Andy Samberg’s urine flow, and what it was like having Val Kilmer as a roommate. Will Forte is the most polite man in Hollywood, according to everyone I interviewed and probably a lot of people I didn’t.

His Mac Gruber director, the Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone, takes it further: “He’s the most polite slash generous, almost to a fault, human I’ve ever met.” Taccone tells me Forte took all of his per diem for Mac Gruber and gave it to the crew as a thank you when they wrapped.

And when Forte shaved off his beard, he gave it to his mom for an art project.

“The jury’s out on what’s going to happen with it,” he says.

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