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If I were in your shoes, I couldn't help but tell her how much her muscles turn me on. She is pretty sure every guy around here is secretly hot for her, and her muscles.

Way too many guys ask her to flex and armwrestle for her not to know how much guys like this look!

I can assure you that we are stronger than many of the younger men. I work at a specialty fabricating company in Glendale, CA.

I'd never seen so many fit, i/c majorly muscular, older women in my life.

During Summer, she comes in wearing short sleeve T shirts, or a tank top.

All the guys are shocked when they first see her arms.

Strong but not the strongest I've seen pictures of dozens of women over 40 who have noticible muscle mass.

I'll bet the reason we don't see more is not because of physiology, but because most women that age don't have alot of time or desire to work out Anonymous I work in the accounts department at a rather big company.

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