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The hurt that I went through and the money that I went through and the stuff I went through with that man [Brooks] are unbelievable. It's easier to get along than it is to fight." But Tamra's got to stop putting out the zingers and not expect anything back.

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Before appearing on the hit show, Burruss already established herself as a successful artist. Business was struggling because I wasn't on my game. I was lied to, I was cheated and I was stolen from. First of all, Shannon Beador seems to be blaming you for her weight gain. She also blames you for spreading rumors her husband Eddie is gay. But Tamra heard the same rumor when she was dating him. [Tamra] has to say she's sorry, I'll say I'm sorry. [Vicki's daughter, Briana, was diagnosed with lupus at the end of 2016]. Your relationship with some of your castmates has not improved this season. Make a life for your family because divorce is not fun." So if she goes back in her mind, I was her biggest cheerleader. Our friendship took a toll but I don't want anything bad for her. Tamra Judge also says she been under a lot of stress because of the situation with you. I'm okay with just being like, "Let's get together, go to dinner and talk about trips planned and our kids." We can be those friends and not be hurtful to each other. We have to accept each other with what we're bringing… I just support him and walk away, like, "I'm very busy so whatever you want to do."There are times when I hear you still talk about Brooks. If Brooks were to turn up now what would you say to him? We may not have the fireworks all the time, but that's not real. There's been talk he might be running for mayor, would that mean you have to give up the show? [We are] two people coming together and having to accept each other a hundred percent—I'm not going to change him and he's sure as hell not going to change me. My first husband, Don, who I was married to for 20 years…you don't just forget about them. News interviewed Brooks two years ago, he gave us fake cancer documents leading to even more questions about his credibility and whether he had really been diagnosed with cancer.

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