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Oops - before getting too excited, don't forget to read The Rules.

To find out what you need to do the first time you deploy your FM3 application, check out the UPGFile section.

At this point, please ensure you have completed the installation process by running the Support ABC Template Utility!

In Clarion 6 and earlier, you do this via the Application | Template Utility menu in the IDE.

Please follow the instructions for your specific scenario.

You will find the examples installed in your examples\FM3 folder (you can specify the base folder to install the FM3 examples to when you run the FM3 install).

Auto UP allows your program to automatically upgrade it's own data files when they need to be upgraded.

This means that all you have to do is change the dictionary, re-compile and distribute. When you change your dictionary you can change anything.

SQL opens up a whole new world to your programming, and will be a very powerful tool, once used correctly.

The nature of SQL is quite different to flat file systems such as TPS, and comes with more options or "variables in the equation" as it were.

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