Validating a process model

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The claim has been that the parameters from this FOPDT model will offer us a good approximation of the complex dynamic behavior of our process.

And this, in turn, will provide us information critical for the design and tuning of a PID controller.

The objective of this customer validation process is to validate your sales process and the assumptions that underpin your business model.

In other words, customer validation is a critical step that needs to be undertaken before you grow your venture.

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offers startups a way of developing the insights required to design your business model using Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas.

This validates that, for the heat exchanger process at this design level of operation, we have good knowledge of: Modeling Using Software For comparison, we show a FOPDT model fit (click for large view) of the same heat exchanger data using a software modeling tool (more discussion here).

The customer discovery process will help you build and validate your value proposition as well as your target customer profile and product solution.

Once this is done, you are ready to commence the customer validation process.

The model parameters are somewhat different and the model appears to match the PV data a little better based on a visual inspection.

We will leave it to later articles to discuss the benefits of commercial software for controller design and tuning.

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